MEDIMORE MD is pleased to expand its services in response to the needs of a community that is growing and requires integrity in its solutions.

Hormonal Clinic

Hormonal imbalances can get in the way of a healthy couple interaction. Don’t let this get in the way of your happiness!!

Tired of having low sexual performance?​

It is well known that as we age, our bodies do not produce the same levels of hormones we use to make.

This brings profound changes in our levels of Energy, our wellbeing self-sense, our sexual drive and normal enjoyment of healthy sexual relations.

Detecting and correcting these abnormalities can bring you back the enjoyment you though lost forever.  You could recover all this and regain years or enjoyment with the correction of hormonal imbalances, No matter how old you are.

We can achieve this by means of application of subdermal hormonal pellets, hormonal injections, tablets or creams.

Every case is different and we will advise which method best accommodate each particular case. Hormones are not safe for everybody and we are very careful to properly guide our patients and to help them choose which method of hormone replacement is most appropriate.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine has become a true advancement in medicine for open minded doctors that understand that mainstream or traditional medicine does not have all the answers for our patient’s problems. Here at Medimore MD, We measure different key hormones and functional markers that with age and time become deficient on your body. We help you gain the lost balance, so you re-conquer your healthy status and lost vitality.

Functional Medicine

Our understanding of functional medicine has allowed us to treat common but significant conditions that if untreated, will have devastating consequences, like aging skin, loss of libido (decreased sexuality), chronic unexplained fatigue, metal fog, hair loss and premature aging.