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Vein Center


Doctor Zapata is a very compassionate physician. He is also a diplomate of the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine and has more than 15 years of experience treating patients with vein disease.

Vein disease has a strong family history component. (It is more common and more severe if you have family members with same vein issues). Valves are designed to keep the flow of blood in only one direction (towards the heart). When the wall of the veins of the legs or pelvis becomes weak, then the valves start to fail, allowing refluxing blood to travel downwards, enlarging the veins downstream in turn, causing varicose veins and symptoms of vein disease on legs and pelvis (heaviness, swelling, skin damage, pelvic pain, etc.

Vein disease has several stages. It usually starts with teleangiectasias (spider veins) and then, progresses to leg heaviness/cramping, swelling, true varicose veins and eventually skin damage. Spider veins might hurt and itch.

When vein disease is not treated timely and controlled properly, could lead to severe skin damage with serious consequences for your quality of life.

Having a prompt and accurate diagnosis is key to having venous insufficiency controlled. Many patients go to have their spider or varicose veins injected or zapped with surface lasers without realizing that vein disease often resides deeper and waste time, money and effort. The best course of action for vein disease is having a correct diagnosis from the beginning and have a treatment plan formulated that first addresses taking care of the malfunctioning veins inside, and once this is corrected, then take care of the cosmetic concerns. Put a stop for all your vein symptoms!! Say goodbye to all these uncomfortable problems like leg swelling, cramping, local pain, and unsightly varicose veins.

We provide state of the art therapies for vein disease, incorporating the most modern treatments for venous insufficiency, such as radiofrequency and laser (EVLT) ablations, combined with needle sclerotherapy and/or IPL treatments. These treatments are proven to provide the best results for vein disease.

Medimore MD is your one stop shop for the treatment of your venous problems. We assess all our patients first with a consultation in a comfortable atmosphere where a physical exam is performed to start determining the cause of vein disease and start formulating a course of action.
We incorporate the best in technology, adding to Our evaluation, the best techniques possible, including a venous doppler analysis and ultrasound imaging of the legs to assess the deep and superficial veins of the legs (not visible with the naked eye) that, might be the reason for the veins present on the surface. We will evaluate the ultrasound, discuss the findings with you and determine the best treatment for your venous problem. (Most insurances will cover treatments that have abnormal ultrasounds).

Venous Ultrasound is a very valuable tool to properly evaluate patients with vein problems. It allows Us to tell when veins are malfunctioning inside your legs.

Vein ablation by Radiofrequency (RFA)

This video demonstrates the procedure of how a vein is closed with radiofrequency. (RFA)

Image of a Radiofrequency catheter

Radiofrequency catheter

Radiofrequency ablation uses a catheter with a metallic tip which is heated by means of radiofrequency and effectively closes malfunctioning veins of the superficial system. It is a very safe way to treat these damaged veins. It provides excellent results with closures of > 97 % at 1 yr.


Laser for vein ablations (EVLT)

Laser vein closure (EVLT) uses an optic fiber through which the laser energy travels and get delivered at the targeted vein.
This method is highly effective as well for closure of veins and it is comparable with RFA.

Sclerotherapy injections

Sclerotherapy is the best treatment to eliminate small diameter varicose veins (teleangiectasias or spider veins). a detergent based, FDA approved sclerosant is used and turned into a foam when mixed with CO2.

IPL treatments


IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is used for treating very small spider veins that are resistant to needle sclerotherapy. It is also used for treating complications from sclerotherapy, such as hyperpigmented lesions and matting. IPL has other applications such as hair removal and skin tightening (when combined with radiofrequency).


Here is how those veins treated with IPL look right after IPL Therapy. Those veins are going to be reabsorbed by your own skin and cleared within weeks.

This is how hyper pigmented lesions (hemosiderin stains) start to fade after one session of IPL.

Before and after pictures of patients from our vein clinic