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Morpheus 8

We are proud to offer the latest technology for the treatment of aging, wrinkly skin of the face and body. Morpheus 8 is the answer for areas of the skin in need of tightening and youth restoration.
Morpheus 8 combines deep micro needling and radio-frequency that provides an effective remodeling of the skin by stimulation and growing it’s natural collagen. Treatments with Morpheus 8 take typically 3 sessions, done 3 weeks apart, performed with local numbing cream. They are very tolerable. It is safer and more effective compared to previous methods of skin tightening like laser skin peels.

Morpheus 8

Facial lift 360

The benefits of plasma injected in the form of fillers (Vampire facial) combined with microneedeling with topical PRP (platelet rich plasma) or topical MSC (live mesenchymal human placenta cells with Exosomes) are available to our patients. This innovative treatment restores the youth of your face, neck, chest and other areas of your body affected by aging and in need of special attention.
Platelet rich plasma injections haves been available for many years and it’s effectiveness has been ratified over time. The most common applications for PRP are skin rejuvenation, hair loss, joint injections for cartilage or tendon healing/regeneration. Here are some of the most common growth factors present in our platelets.


We use specific high yield containers (up to 15 ml) for plasma processing. This allow a single most uniform plasma collection.


Another key piece of the process is a special centrifuge (low revolution speeds).



Exosomes are vesicles filled with RNA. These vesicles are produced and released by live mesenchymal (MSC), also known as STEM cells. These are cultured live cells that come usually from human placenta or umbilical cord.. They come frozen and then, We thaw them for immediate application. (Timing is key for this process). Exosomes are the last revolution in regenerative medicine as once they arrive on the target tissue, start signaling the surrounding cells into changing their behavior towards growth, renewal and healing.


Some facts about hair loss.​

Hair loss is one of the challenges that many people face and find most difficult to treat. (Hence, the multitude of different options that promise results. Many of them not effective) It encompasses a variety of causes including genetics, hormonal imbalances, side effects of medications, Nutritional deficiencies and certain chronic or acute diseases. In every case of hair loss, a careful medical evaluation with possible blood tests is critical since a lot of times, the reason is medical in nature. Once these issues are corrected and/or optimized, your scalp could receive a treatment aimed at stimulating hair growth directly inside the scalp with options  tailored to you specific needs. PRP and now more recently, Topical exosomes after microneedeling or Morpheus 8 has become a very promising off label topical applications that has been helping many patients, even those with difficult cases of hair loss. It is theorized that the RNA contained within the live exosome vesicles, give signals to the cells wherever they arrive to regenerate and to restore the behavior they have lost. In the case of hair, they give signals to prolong the Anagen (hair growth phase), the Telogen (hair resting phase) of the hair follicle. Patients receiving Topical application of exosomes after microneedeling might experience new hair growth and significantly less hair loss.

This detail of an exosome depicts the RNA within the membrane,. This RNA is the key to signaling target cells in to heal, reproduce and regenerate.

We use exosomes cultured and manufactured in the USA. This gives our patients the confidence of a serious product used for skin regeneration and hair loss.

Research of different applications of exosomes is growing rapidly. This topical use is not FDA approved and it’s use is considered “off label” and it is used under the assumption that it is on the best interest of the patients and it is not covered under health insurance companies.


Exosomes help regenerate your skin by stimulating new production of collagen, fibroblasts and vascularity, helping the skin feel and look younger.